Intent and Implementation

Our curriculum Intent at Glebelands is to:

  • Challenge aspirations
  • Open minds – through encouraging intellectual curiosity & independent thought
  • Create opportunities for students to thrive

These three concise elements underpin our both our curriculum intent and our wider school intent.

As a result, our curriculum is ambitious allowing students to strive for excellence. This can be seen through students work, examination results, student destination data and the feedback we get from students themselves. It is coherently planned and sequenced do develop both deep knowledge and the skill of applying this knowledge. This can be seen through viewing the whole school curriculum map and by reading the department brochures on the subject pages of our website. Intent statement within these brochures set out our clear intentions of what students leaving Glebelands will be able to do and know.

Curriculum Organisation

The teaching week consists of 30 lessons of 50 minutes with a two-week timetable making 32.5 hours per week. Some of these 50-minute lessons are doubled to 100 minute lessons. Timings of the day are as follows:-

  • Students to be in school 8:40 am
  • School Starts 8:45 am
  • School Ends 3:15 pm