Online Payments

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In order to reduce administration costs and to ensure safe receipt of payments,

we no longer accept cash or cheques for trips.  

Please pay for trips using our on-line payment system sQuid. 


Caterlink, who provide our catering service will still accept cash or cheques (payable to Caterlink) for payment of school meals.


The benefits of using this secure online payment system are:


· Your child will not have to carry cash for trip or Canteen payments; no more queuing during their break/lunch times.

· No more hunting for change.

· You can easily track your payments for trips and see on a regular basis what trips are available to your son/daughter without missing deadlines.

· You can easily check your child’s Canteen balance anytime and view transactions online.

· No longer will you find unpaid trip money at the bottom of your child’s school bag!

· You can budget by paying money into your ’Purse’ to spend as and when required.

· You can top-up your account by debit/credit card or bank transfer.

· Friends/Family can register their own accounts to ‘top-up’ your son/daughter’s online sQuid ‘Purses’.


From the registration details provided for your child by the school, register your own sQuid account via the Glebelands website:


Under the ‘Parent’ tab, click on the sQuid icon and follow the registration instructions using the 16 digit registration number and 3 digit code provided by the school.


If you have mislaid your registration details or have any further queries, please contact our Finance Officer, by email to or by phone on 01483 542400.


sQuid registration details for Year 7 students will be sent home via your child by the end of September – thank you for your patience.