Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the Glebelands School website and thank you for your interest. The high quality of teaching and learning is central to the success of the school and underpins the excellent progress students make and the standards they achieve.

The teachers at Glebelands believe they can, and do, make a difference to the lives of students they teach so that the young people who pass through this school leave as happy, confident individuals who have developed the skills to lead fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution to society. Relationships between all members of our school community are based on respect - respect for ourselves, respect for others, respect for the environment and respect for learning. 

The school is split into year groups, with each year supported by six tutors and a Head of Achievement who stays with students throughout their time at Glebelands. In this way, our staff get to know our students well and support their progress academically, socially and emotionally, helping them to become self-reflecting and motivated learners. 

We are rightly proud of the academic achievements of our students, with over 80% of students achieving the government’s Basics Measure for the past couple of years.  However, we are not an exam factory. We believe in a three year Key Stage 3 programme of studies. This broad curriculum gives all students a variety of skills for the future and enables them to have a greater understanding of what subjects they want to specialise in for their future.

Success is not just based around GCSE exams.  External visits and extra-curricular activities ensure all our learners have opportunities to get involved in the wider aspects of school life and develop their interpersonal and leadership skills. 

Our aim for 2020-21 is the relentless pursuit of EXCELLENCE:

Exceptional progress for all students (top 10% nationally).

Curriculum intent and implementation are embedded securely and consistently across the school.

Evidence informed CPD for continual improvement of teaching and learning and assessment of the curriculum.

Leaders at all levels drive improvement.

Links with the community are expanded so staff and students make a positive difference to the wider community.

Extensive extra-curricular and personal development programme which provides a wide, rich set of experiences and develops students’ character so they have high expectations of themselves.

Non-stop focus on our values of respect and achieve, so students behave with consistently high levels of respect for others and students’ attendance at school is well above national levels.

Challenging lessons that make students ‘think hard’, allowing all students to consistently achieve highly.

Effective recovery from Covid-19 closure so there is no widening of the attainment gap.

Thank you for visiting the website.  If there is anything you need to know or want to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

R. Mitchell